Voices of RYE

In 1967 this Berkeley girl embarked on a summer service exchange adventure in Ste. Foy, Quebec.  How could I NOT go on exchange, when so many of my friends had Read more
The Rotary Youth Exchange Program is not only for young and curious leaders to become an ambassador of the program in a foreign land, but also to discover themselves in Read more
I can easily say that my experience with STEP (Short Term Exchange Program) changed my life. The summer of 2016, I participated in STEP with my host sister Anne, from Read more
Twenty-eight years ago I made one of the most momentous decisions of my life, when I chose to go to Brazil as a Rotary Youth Exchange student. That year was Read more
“My year aboard changed my life forever.” A statement you hear often from ‘rebounds’ of the Rotary Youth Exchange program. The best partis that it changes us all differently. I Read more
I've never been a member of a service club like Rotary before.  I joined three years ago in November and Melissa and the kids and I attended the PVR Christmas Read more
What possessed a 16 year old from small town Ohio to venture to Brazil for a year? Wunderlust? Language? Culture? Escape from the disco craze of the mid-70’s? What I Read more
Before my exchange I felt like I needed to get away, that Sweden was not good enough or that I could not be content living here. Going on exchange opened Read more
I was a host brother to Johannes Alvekrans from Sweden in 2011. I just graduated from Casa Grande High School and Johannes was going to attend the same school. It was Read more
My year as a Rotary Youth Exchange Ambassador affected a lot the way to think about the world and the direction I want to take in my life and future Read more