Voices of RYE

Twenty-eight years ago I made one of the most momentous decisions of my life, when I chose to go to Brazil as a Rotary Youth Exchange student. That year was Read more
“My year aboard changed my life forever.” A statement you hear often from ‘rebounds’ of the Rotary Youth Exchange program. The best partis that it changes us all differently. I Read more
I've never been a member of a service club like Rotary before.  I joined three years ago in November and Melissa and the kids and I attended the PVR Christmas Read more
What possessed a 16 year old from small town Ohio to venture to Brazil for a year? Wunderlust? Language? Culture? Escape from the disco craze of the mid-70’s? What Iremember Read more
Before my exchange I felt like I needed to get away, that Sweden was not good enough or that I could not be content living here. Going on exchange opened Read more
My year as a Rotary Youth Exchange Ambassador affected a lot the way to think about the world and the direction I want to take in my life and future Read more