Video Testimonials

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Gennaro (Gens) – Inbound from Italy 2018-2019

“Rotary Youth Exchange was such a valuable program for me.”

Laura – Inbound from Brazil 2017-2018n

“The amazing experience I had being an exchange student with Rotary.”

Klark – Outbound to Germany 2003-2004

“I have been part of Roary for almost 20 years.”

Kiana – Outbound to Finland 2016-2017

“I studied aboard in Finland for 11 months. That experience changed my life.”

Gabe – Outbound to Austria 2017-2018

“I fell in love with the language.”

Ian – Rotarian & Parent of Exchange Students

“I joined Rotary because of Youth Exchange.”

Charlie – Rotarian & Host Parent

“My wife and I have hosted 20 Youth Exchange Students. Every experience has been fantastic”

John – Rotarian & Host Brother

“There is a really great family aspect to Rotary.”