Rotex 5130 is an organization within Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) comprised of past exchange students who use their experience and knowledge to mentor inbounds, outbounds, and rebounds, to ensure that students have the most successful exchange possible. Rotex provides vital support to RYE Committee members and exchange students.



Get to know your Rotex Members! If you have any questions about Rotex or Rotary Youth Exchange, feel free to reach out. We would all be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Allison Stanfield

Rotex International Representative

Co-President 2018-2020

Hometown: Fortuna, CA

Host Country: Taiwan, District 3460, 2015-2016

Lyla Smelser
Co-Vice President

Hometown: Eureka, CA

Host Country: Sweden, District 2360, 2018-19

Jimena Guerrero
Co-Vice President

Hometown: Calistoga, CA

Host Country: Italy, District , 2019-20

Gabby Gomez

Co-President 2018-2020

Hometown: St. Helena, CA

Host Country: Switzerland, District 1980, 2015-2016

Marcela Rodriguez

Co-President 2017-2018

Hometown: Calistoga, CA

Host Country: Germany District 1930, 2010-2011

Mina Figueroa

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

Host Country: France District 1650, 2016-2017

Cumbia Padilla

Hometown: McKinleyville, CA

Host Country: Taiwan, District 3490, 2016-17

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